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Merlin, Thoth, Hermes Z its all the same..

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Time is a state in which we all exist. Bend time and space and you change reality.

Spiritual understanding of existence is beyond love it is a state of being. If you exist with just love you live a limited existence because this is where you need to be. To expand beyond is to know being.

UNiversal knowledge is available to all with a unique mind and ability to be one with all things is to recognise that all life be it plant or animal or other is all the same.

Money does not buy happiness and yet many think it does. Sorry but for you to understand what we do would be impossible to buy as the value is to great so you are therefore unable to aquire it.

Some say they are successful and yet know nothing about their own existence and what they do when they depart this body and this world and yet those who have nothing physically but know about the true nature of one and their bond with this universe are far richer than those who do not know.

We are all equal so we should also respect each as such.

Magic of space and time is the knowledge that all elements within the universe are made of energy and all are linked and accessed through conscious thought when understood.

All things therefore can be made to react through the application of mind.

If thought and sound together can change the composition of elements then other things are also possible.

Your brain can repair parts of itself if damaged once certain energies are active. Yet medicine does not know this and how it works and yet it is a simple process.

Metals can be changed, shape can form dynamic energy and if components were built in specific shapes the results would be far greater than what are presently obtained so much is still to be learnt if only the human mind were more open to other possibilities and not closed by ignorance and greed and arrogance in not being able to accept what is really possible.

People think Merlin is a myth, or Thoth is someone else and yet time knows what is real and what is not.

For who would believe that miracles can and do happen and are made by those who know. We know who we are do you?

The joys of financial security what next!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Even though the current financial crisis has been averted by large inputs of public cash by governments around the globe starngely certain places are still quiet.

Lured into a false sense of security the war against terror can take many forms and so we wait to see what transpires. Not one for getting excited by early prospects even though some in certain governments are desperate to save their own cash monies in various places one can only wonder what their next reactions will be when those who plot behind closed doors wait and observe their prey in waiting ready to pounce when the time is right. After all if you wanted to create financial market chaos in world markets what better way than to slash your stock that you have secretly invested in over numerous years and then watch the markets nosedive what for the rescue as has happened then buy back in at bigger amounts at amazing prices then pull the rug big time.

Sound scary? Well it should as so far the unravelling of this scenario by certain silent organizations and groups is actually taking place so what to watch out for next time.

Best to watch how high this climbs back up and remember it is public monies invested by governments using certain percentages of GDP income in their own countries proping this all up so if companies fall and markets drop…..

Early warning signs would see specific movements in specific market areas, and guess which ones. Those in the know should know which.. watch those early signs…

Well you paint the picture.

Market decline plan in 2 phases

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Well the end of the first phase is just about there so whats the real story.

Well certain individuals are waiting for large inputs of cash into the market system in order to rescue the current situation. This would mean a rise again in the market system however the 2nd wave is just waiting for that and when it hits there will be no further rescues as there will not be enough to sort it out.

Data so far on the prophectic front shows these 2 waves are very close together and there is a stabilization of a sorts and when the input of cash sorts some of the problems out then another massive withdrawl of funds from the markets will occur and its the 2nd wave that folks should worry about as it is much larger and way more dramatic.

Buy ins and then withdrawls as it rises and down it will go so the same group gains for a second time. Bit like a double wammy, so watch it!

Reports so far show an Asian influence at work not mentioning any names and this is only a small percentage of what has really been done and is still to happen.

UK gov rescue package wont work

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

When we look at the conditions out there with regards to the markets which are dropping at huge amounts one can honestly say the package the UK gov is doing is a desperate attempt and highly risky for the UK taxpayer with regards to stocks in banks and cash liquidity for banks. Their stocks will still drop and for the UK gov to lose a huge amount of cash the drop will not have to be that much.

Take the Asian markets today 8th October 2008 we find 900 points down on 15871 meand billions wiped off the market value. then japan as well thats another few billions down so in reality this is not the way to go.

Bush started all this with his oil cronies wanting more cash and since the 911 fiasco in which many honest americans died all because the operation was a complex gov plot then we see greed getting bitten back.

We removed the vortex points and down the markets went so if the energy propping up the system is connected then is it any wonder we decided to pull the plug so to speak. Vortex energy points in places like London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York Frankfurt all were removed or I should say shut down so the result is truth coming to the surface.

Now how is it corrected?

Have a guess.

After all if you want positive energy back in the system then the answer is simple but only we know how it all works!

Otherwise it will continue to fall.

A process of energy dynamics

Monday, October 6th, 2008

With stock markets crashing and global climate also in trouble one can only wonder if there is a connection as many countries refuse to act due to economic losses. Hmmm!

Energy in the case of biospherical energy is all linked so if one is in trouble it does spread.

Human consciousness does cause cascades in various areas in this case both environmentally as well as economically.

Social order demands balance and this is far from balanced.Humanity can affect the biosphere through its emission of thought but the process also works the other way around in that the biosphere can have the same effect on human consciousness so a recession will occur if the global condition keeps declining.

How can it change? Well thats a different story and one that even many politicians should know about. Its coming soon..

So where is the cash going from stock market drop

Monday, October 6th, 2008

I don’t know about a lot of folks out there but has anyone wondered where all the cash is going with trillions being wiped out.

Even though reserve banks input billions of pounds and the USA with $700bn which is currently not in the system.

But after many days of drops and billions being input by a variety of countries from Japan to UK the markets still nose dive.

So who is getting all that cash that is flowing out of the system.

If companies and banks still go down even with billions in rescue tasks who gets that cash as well.

Taxpayers can only pay for so much and if the world has been relying on atrificial propups of monetary systems then its just come back home to bite you all.

I remember reading a book once where China had a plan and it involved billions in stocks and at some stage in the future they would wait for the market in the USA to start to collapse and then pull cash out.

This was written by a couple of reliable lads from newspapers who knew what was what back in the late 80’s 90’s.

So if true then who is getting the cash and it has to be flowing somewhere.

Not pointing any fingers! We are talking trillions of dollars wiped out and its still happening.

Arctic melt of sea ice second worst recorded on record

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

The sea ice around the north pole has again broken records but the warning signs coming out of Iceland are showing a large melt taking place of land ice in the glaciers of iceland with some measuring around 900 meters thick and losing 1 metre per year. Global warming is starting to kick in and unless drastic measures are taken it will happen faster than anticipated due to the exponential curve ratio in relation to heating verses melting ratios.

If the current calculation for these glaciers to melt completely will increase the ocean levels by 7 metres and at current rates will happen within 100 years then expect it faster as we have seen these type of calculations before and it ended up being much faster.

Ratios are variable when it comes to exponential melt.

For instance 1 degree equals say 1 year so if it then addes to say a 2 degree variation then that 2 degree increase by 1 degree becomes a 3 degree variations which supplies a 1.5 degree increase and so it goes. The 3 degrees becomes 4.5 degrees and so forth.

Current rates are speculative at best! As ratios change according to the curve.

There are any number of factors that have to be taken into account pollution increases in output from countries where they say they will reduce by 20% but the curve ratio is 35% so in actuality there is a further increase of 5% above the current level estimate in the 10 year period, you have to understand that increases are taking place due to the consistent use of fossil fuels and the burning of coal and fuel oil and emissions of other gases. Carbon trading only moves the problem about it does not stop it!

As the Methane is released due to melting of tundra etc we also see a further increase as well as releases of further carbon storage areas so the pattern keeps getting worse all it takes is for folks to run the numbers.

So unless serious thought and construction of sea defences is started asap it will happen faster than current predictions portray and cities will go under with no time for contruction of defences. Some urgent forward thinking is required.

Bailout good or bad

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Well I have to say this is not going to go the way a lot expect.

To cover bad debt with taxpayers money to those who mismanage funds is not the way to go but future events and they are closer than many think will show what happens next.

Retraction of funds be they american or otherwise affects what the markets do and if funds deplete stock market values from say Asian points or even middle east points or within the USA itsef can affect what takes place. Companies depend on the flow of money in and out and in many cases borrow or offer stock for sale to raise capital to expand etc.

If for any reason banks or other large companies get greedy then the market has to go down eventually due to an over structuring on shallow ground thus it collapses.

We have only seen the start of this and $700 bn is a drop as to what is coming.

Feeding kids in UK schools & at home

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

You know I have sat and watched the way the local people feed their kids in UK as well as some of the food menus in schools and its a joke.

Jamie Oliver has it right when he says 6 out of 10 school kitchens should be shut down.

Food types are a problem and when you feed kids too much sugar or any kind of sweetner it causes an increase in energy that those same kids need to burn off. Then because the parents can’t control the kids the doctors prescribe Ritalin which is bad and not the solution as the population is now finding out. More stabbings and restless behaviour all mainly caused by bad diet and eating disorders.

Politicians have to get the problem solved otherwise Britain will be more than broken.

Other countries should also learn from this as to what not to do.

So hows it get solved.

Firstly in politics stop changing the head chef every five minutes and keep it stable. Then initiate a plan to get the local councils who run most of the bad kitchens to sort it out or shut it down.

Then educational plans in schools to teach parents how to properley feed there kids or learn from website instruction or make the time to find out how to do it and learn to say no to sweet stuff.

In moderation is ok as long as the main diet is controlled.

Do I know what I am talking about yes I do I have had many children both my own and also helped others and seen where things go wrong. My background being medical research I can tell you it seriously needs to change, bad diet causes a chemical cocktail imbalance that is a waiting time bomb ticking waiting to go off.

Physical health is also affected weight gain bad teeth rotting teeth and also diabetes and other serious ailments are created. If you want to decrease the NHS bill solve the cause and stop treating the result.

So Get cooking and look for ways to make a change both for yourself and your kids.

Unless of course Britain and other countries that have the same problem don’t care then what future for the human race.

I found meals in Australia for kids are better but not yet perfect.

Britain and Britains parents need to take responsibility and make some serious changes.

Get it together and make it happen!

Where are the bees going

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Well if you are a Dr Who fan then they are going home. If not then maybe this article will get you thinking.

Bees have a very close link to shape and design so what do you think happens when you fiddle with mature even to the slightest amount.

Read on for more and we do know why its happening.

Where did all the honey bees go? Lily Barclay investigates why thousands
of bees are being wiped out in the UK

What is the problem with honey bees?
A third of the UK’s honey bees did not survive this winter and spring. In
the US and other European countries this little-understood phenomenon has
been dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). No one fully understands why
this is happening.
What is Colony Collapse Disorder?
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is used to describe the phenomenon in which
worker bees from a colony or hive abruptly disappear, and the colony dies.
It may be due to stress, or viruses, or a combination of both, or other
causes. But no one fully understands the condition, as hives and colonies
can collapse for other reasons, especially during the winter.

CCD was first reported in North America in late 2006 where in some
beekeepers saw losses of up to 95%. Today in the US overall honey bee
losses of 36% have seen significant drops in the quantity of honey
harvested. CCD has since spread and has been reported in Canada, Italy,
Germany and France. However, despite beekeepers concerns it is yet to be
officially confirmed in the UK by the Department for Environment, Food and
Rural Affairs (Defra).
Why does it matter?
Unsurprisingly, fewer honeybees means less honey. Many experts believe
that English honey will have run out by Christmas 2008, and will not be
available again until 2009. The consequences for the agricultural economy
could be significant - bees are reported to make an annual £165 million
for the industry.

But perhaps more crucially honeybees play a vital role within the planet’s
ecosystem by pollinating many fruit and vegetables. We don’t fully
understand the full consequences of their demise, but without bees many
flowering plants would become extinct.

These include most agricultural harvests making bees a critical link in
the food chain. Bees pollinate about 80% of flowering crops - this amounts
to a third of the food we eat, from raspberries to runner beans.
Why is it happening?
There are always natural dips in bees’ annual survival rate, and the
average drop in numbers over the winter period varies between 5% and 10%.
This year the British Beekeepers Association (BBA) reported that more than
30% of honey bees didn’t survive the winter and spring.

There are many possible explanations for this.

The main cause, however, according to Dr Sherwood ,is the increased usage
of genetically modified crops in the UK .
“The genetic sequencing is lacking data.” says Dr Jon, ” Lacking data the
plants do not form the same geometric shape when they grow to fruition.
Bees and other various other pollinating , colony-existing insects are
highly geometrically inclined .You only have to look at their eyes to see
they are made up of a sequence of equal hexagonal shapes and their hives
etc are the same.
When a bee flies into its hive it lines itself up with this geometry. When
the bees build a hive from GM pollen it does not make a hive of correct
proportions as the pollen sequence does not carry the ‘right’ information’
so they can’t match things up.
Thus Scientists in the UK as elsewhere ,in their arrogance and trying to
play God are unwittingly doing their
To wipe humanity of the face of this world.
Einstein apparently said this, “If you lose the bees humanity has four
years left.
Dr Jon Sherwood who can disprove many of Einstein’s theories concurs.