Siberia report

Report date:  12th September 2006.

Part of this extract is from an SBS report in Australia.

By Dr Jon Sherwood Director Rajon International

Recent reports from Siberia are showing that the permafrost is thawing faster than previously thought. This is not good for the greenhouse gas effect on the upper atmosphere plus the extra water that was frozen increases the size of the lakes in the area which flow into the sea and flow across the northern sea areas and then down into the Atlantic. This water is cooler than normal and will affect the northern Atlantic flow temperature.

As for the affect of the methane gas that is released from the thawing of the permafrost it will increase the upper toxic gas levels dramatically thus causing increased instability in the global climate.

The reserve of gases under the permafrost are the stored gases from before the last ice age and this is not good if it gets released.

The permafrost is melting faster due to current global climate changes and need to be addressed as to emission controls sooner rather than later. Asian countries alongside western and other countries must begin to realize that the global issue of greenhouse gases and other toxic emissions must be strictly controlled now and not later.

The reason is simple.


After all these stored gas areas are natural storage areas but when released will create a massive speedup of global climate change which can be very catastrophic both for human and all animal life but also the so called precious economies of the very countries that are causing the problem now.

This report from Dr Sherwood.

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