Gm & Bees

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the use of GM (Genetically Modified) crops like Canola. in USA and other countries and the question is could these crops be one of the reasons why the bees are disappearing?

The answer is yes. Bees rely on shape to design their colonies as well as they see in specific shape so when the pollen is collected the shapes they see will alter due to the fact that the base of the pollen has been altered. This is a sequence that takes place through energy interaction between the bee and the pollen when it makes the honey. The slightest variation and the shapes used in the hive will change and even the smallest amount will cause breakdown.

Nature is a very fine balance and changing crops to suit humanities beliefs will also affect other species that are also dependent on those same crops to ignore their connection is arrogance to say the least and shape and energy are finely linked to the bee.

Now most people will say that everything is the same but if you cannot see that change and you are not aware of it then don't say it has not happened. The slightest deviation in shape can confuse the bee and so bye bye bee.

The effects of shape dynamics in nature is very carefully balanced and when you mess with it then the effects those alterations do will cascade down the chain.

If we look at where the bees are disappearing regarding country and are doing the large amount of GM production we see the bees disappearing in the USA where both actions are happening it is also happening in other countries that have also started doing GM crops.

When you change the basic principle of any life element even a plant you change its dynamic. That is its ability to form shapes within its own structure through an interaction called dynamic forming. This is where the plants ability to recreate itself is done via a shape changing combination if you fiddle with any of the internal elements of the plant you change the end resulting combination of shape events that occur so basically the plant will end up with different shape dynamic.

Now as the bee relies on shape to form its hive and then identifies it through its concept of design shape via vision it is therefore obvious that of the shape is different via the result it gets from its interaction with the pollen it has collected then the effect will be confusion. With eventual death.

The effects of the pollen on GM crop will spread through the chain as no plant is immune to this effect as all plants carry the ability to dynamically form. Otherwise they would not be able to create seed to reproduce.

Now if after reading this it has still not sunk in what has happened then its time to review humanities intelligence as it is obvious what is happening. If allowed to continue then eventually the results will be the disappearance of humanity as well as others as this is a cascade effect brought about by the alteration of dynamic evolution.


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